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August 2, 2015



August 9, 2015

Activate Your Unique Soul Codes

Alara Payten

Alara Payten

What are the possibilities for your life if you can get more genetically ‘switched on’ and more fully connected to the Divine Love and Light of your Divine Essence?

Want to find out?

Alara will guide you through an activation process to:

1. Remove the ‘Separation Cell’ within you, which is a coding that each human came to this incarnation with. Or, for those who have already removed this Cell, release the residual programming that has been showing up in the course of your everyday life.

2. Render your ‘Separation Soul Contract’ Complete, Null and Void.

3. Write your new ‘Soul Agreement’ for your greatest evolution and expansion NOW.

4. Activate your unique Soul Codes, which are found on the telomeres, or little caps, at the end of each of your DNA strands.

Noble prize winning research has shown that these telomeres are responsible for your ageing process and when you lengthen your telomeres you reactivate the characteristics of vital youth and open up the channels of your Intuition, which is your ability to hear the Voice of Source / God.

Alara Payten combines spiritual intuition and sacred heart wisdom to help evolving men and women, who are sick and tired of being prisoners of their own past, to make peace with that past and transform their limiting beliefs so they can claim their power, liberate their joy and love their life.

Using the Healing Arts, Ceremonial Arts, and Creative Arts, Alara creates sacred space for compassionate transformation as she guides each explorer to return to their authentic voice, their empowered choice and to the heart of Sacred Self Love.

Her 24 years of practice as a Physical Therapist, (under the name of Brenda Hope Gibbs), supports her expertise as a Sacred Inner Journey Guide, Energy Alchemist, Light Language Transmitter and Community Mother Drum Ceremonialist.

Website: www.alarapayten.com

 August 16, 2015

Faith and Gratitude Light the Way

Rev. Doug Craig

It is important that we do not give ourselves over to conditions. As we
maintain and practice our faith and move through our day to day activities
finding and acknowledging things we are grateful for, the result is a
greater capacity within us to experience and express joy in our lives.

Doug was born in Canmore, grew up in Exshaw and attended high school in Banff. Doug is currently an instructor in the Business and Tourism Department at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and teaches courses in financial and managerial accounting and computer spread sheets along with courses in management, not-for-profit management, human resource management, and organizational behavior. Doug has been an instructor at S.A.I.T for a total of 26 years. Doug also enjoys presenting four programs that he developed during his transformational experiences in life’s journey. His primary joy is that of a guest speaker for Sunday services.

Reverend Doug has been actively involved in the New Thought movement for 35 years. He has spoken in 13 states and 4 provinces in 55 Religious Science Churches along with 10 other New Thought churches. Reverend Doug was the founding minister of the Red Deer Centre for Spiritual Living and served as its pastor for 8 years. Reverend Doug is currently guest-speaking in a number of different churches on a regular basis. (Including the Joy of Life Centre for Spiritual-Calgary, Unity of Calgary, Red Deer Centre for Spiritual Living, and Discovery Centre for Spiritual Living-Calgary)

Doug’s extended ministry involves his work with youths. He has talked in the alternative measures program and on occasion at the young offenders centre as well as in high schools and other youth groups. Doug’s primary message to youth and others is, “Attitude + Choice = Consequence.” The presentation is from a very unique perspective that conveys a powerful message.

Doug is an avid hiker and enjoys his time connecting with nature. He does tour guiding in the Rockies and considers himself to be an “Urban Mountain Man” and is known by many as Mountain Man Doug. He, and his partner, Anna, share 8 wonderful grandchildren between them. Doug’s motto is “If you change your attitude you change your experience.”

Doug also enjoys performing marriages and with his motto “Anywhere, any time, and customized to your heart’s desire” it provides him with some very unique experiences. Doug also recently started a new career path as a “professional Santa Claus” and has had a number of appearances or “visits” and has an agent handling bookings as well as personal events. Doug is well known for his passion with respect to the learning and application of spiritual principles.

 August 30, 2015

The Eagle – A Lesson in Soaring

Pat Ball

Rev Pat Ball

Join Rev Pat and your friends as we explore the second lesson in a series about what animals can teach us. Is your consciousness chicken or eagle? Are you content to scratch around in the barnyard or do you want to fly above every storm, seeing the big picture? What were we created to be? How can we soar?

Rev Pat Ball is the founding and senior minister of Unity Ministry in Motion, an alternative Unity ministry formed to “nurture and coach seeds of Unity in Canada to fruition”. Currently she is overseeing four Unity Study Groups — two in Ontario — Parry Sound and Newmarket, one in Moncton, New Brunswick, and one in Brandon, Manitoba. She is also a mentor appointed by Unity Canada to guide and coach established Unity ministries and is serving here at Unity of Calgary.
Rev Pat is one of Unity Canada’s certified Ministry Consultants, the Judicatory Representative Alternate for Canada, and Chair of the Expansion team for Unity Worldwide Ministries. She is also a Certified Spiritual Coach and a Quantum Coach. Rev. Pat is now the Judicatory Representative for Canada.

Because of her presence here in Calgary, she is an integral part of our Unity community, teaching Unity classes and speaking several Sundays a month. Rev Pat is available for Spiritual Counseling upon request.

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