Sunday Speaker – Aug 13, 2017
“Asking the Right Questions for an Inspired Life”

Join us this Sunday as
Reverend Irene Anton takes
us on a journey of discovery,
where the focus is to
examine how we make the
choices that we do in our
day-to-day lives.
Asking ourselves specific and
certain questions can help us
make better choices, choices
that are more in alignment
with our own highest
wisdom & good.

Rev. Irene Anton is a retired
educator and management
consultant – a former high
school teacher, principal and
director of education.
After taking an early
retirement she decided to
become a Unity minister.
She has retired from fulltime
ministry, but currently
she keeps quite busy by
participating with Unity
Worldwide Ministries, Unity
Canada, Unity Ministry in
Motion and also as a guest
speaker and workshop
presenter as needs arise, or
wherever Spirit provides
opportunities to serve.

Asking the Right Questions for an Inspired Life