Sunday Speaker – Aug 20, 2017
“Living a High-Vibrational Life”

We all have the power within
to live a life filled with love
and prosperity.
Karen will share a simple,
yet powerful, way of viewing
reality and how we can rise
up from negative emotions
or sabotaging behaviors that
hold us back from living
every moment in joy. We are
all connected to the Source
of All that is and when we
connect to our own Divine
Nature, we can RISE UP
into living our potential!

Karen Klassen is co-owner
of Imagine Seminars Inc
and Founder of Women
Embracing Brilliance.
She has been a
Breakthrough Coach for
over 15 years empowering
individuals, couples, and
business owners to live the
life they dream of, from the
inside out.
From welfare to owning a
successful personal
development company, from
drug and alcohol addiction
to spiritual enlightenment,
from disease to optimal
health, and from abusive
relationships to attracting
her beloved Alan, Karen
shares how anyone no
matter what they have done,
not done, or who they are —
can spiral up and experience
freedom, peace of mind and
live a beautiful life!
Karen was just nominated as
Inspirational Woman of the
Year in Calgary!

Living a High-Vibrational Life