Sunday Speaker – Aug 27, 2017
“When Somebody Else is the Matter With You”

We look forward to
Reverend Patricia Zogar
from BC joining us for her
exciting talk this Sunday!
She will sprinkle the wisdom
she shares with us, with some
hints for your journey of selfdiscovery,
and creative mastery!
You definitely won’t want to
miss this one!

Since 2001, Reverend
Patricia Zogar has served
The Positive Living Centre
of Victoria and Centres for
Spiritual Living in both
Winnipeg and Kamloops.
She “came out of
retirement” in April 2016 to
become the Minister at
Unity of Nanaimo. She is
currently enjoying this
journey, where everything is
unfolding beautifully.
Patricia enjoys taking part in
community theatre, when
she is not weeding the
asparagus or hugging the
baby goats on the farm, that

When Somebody Else is the Matter With You