Sunday Speaker – September 24, 2017
Neil Thrussell
“Time – The Ultimate Teacher”

Time is related to the velocity of objects and depends on movement in space, such as the time it takes for planet Earth to rotate once on its axis (a single day) or make a single orbit of the sun (a year). Time is also a construct that humans have no control over. Time is an unknown variable – you don’t know your individual start or end dates and you don’t have a ‘best before’ or expiry date.  

Time is one of life’s most precious commodities, yet many people waste it. Enrich your life. Embrace the concept of time fully and live in the Here and Now!

Neil Thrussell is a 4-time International Best Selling Author (A Warrior’s Heart Series), a Master of the Shin Dao (Way of the Heart), Speaker, Facilitator, Life Coach, Web Geek, Adventurer, Husband, Son, Uncle and Lover of Life! Neil has shared his vast acquired knowledge deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle, on various stages in North America and even on local TV. Neil truly believes that life is a grand adventure. If it is not fun he doesn’t want to do it, so he makes the dull, boring and repetitive stuff FUN!

Points to learn or take away from this talk (all connected to Unity principles):
✴ Time is the ultimate teacher – teaching us to be conscious to create the reality we desire
✴ Living present to the here and now is ‘walking your talk’ and enriching your life

Time – The Ultimate Teacher