Sunday Speaker – October 15, 2017
Susanna Lye
“Finding Spirituality in Imperfections”

All too often, we focus only on the misfortunes or mistakes in our lives. We fail to see the other opportunities and graces that we have around us, as well as the blessings that come from the mishaps, which are meaningful and beautiful.
It is indeed a challenge to observe spirituality during difficult moments. The good news is we can learn to understand and accept the spirituality within the imperfections.
With some simple ways, we may practice seeing the light in the midst of darkness and experience turning our lives around with what we perceive and believe, in peace, serenity, and joy.


Susanna Lye has lived in five most diversified countries in the world and endured discriminations, health issues and identity loss. She invested in personal development trainings and started living a new, meaningful life with enthusiasm and drive.
However, Susanna encountered another crisis in life facing death, divorce and depression. She then turned herself to God and became a stronger person in faith and spirit.
Susanna now volunteers, writes and speaks at church communities in Malaysia sharing her personal experiences in finding spirituality and zeal through difficulties. Her articles and talks of spiritual sharing are said to be most insightful and enlightening.

Finding Spirituality in Imperfections