Sunday Speaker – November 26, 2017
Patty Shortreed
“Letting Go: The Ultimate Act of Expansion”

Patty will share ideas and experiences on her own path of letting go. We cling to our ideas, possessions, judgements and opinions. We live confined in a small, safe identity. We resist letting go out of fear of losing something, when what we’ve really lost is our faith in God.

What if letting go was really the ultimate act of expansion, about embracing a greater truth of who you really are? Like the man on the flying trapeze, you must first let go in order to reach out for the new, bigger idea of who you already are.

Patty is a coach and music teacher. She offers coaching and instruction in singing, speaking and giving presentations. Her students increase their confidence and their ability to easily communicate with authenticity and grace. Patty’s passion is helping people realize their true spiritual nature.

Letting Go: The Ultimate Act of Expansion