Sunday Speaker – December 17, 2017
Bob Ellwood
“The Two Faced Side Of Life”

*TONIGHT: Metaphysical Christmas Candle Lighting Service*

We are all living two lives simultaneously. Our human life and our spiritual life. It seems to me that most people honour their human life more than their spiritual one. Why is that? I believe it is because our human life seems more real because we can experience it through our five senses. It is our human life that shows up in this material world. It is our human life that is seen and experienced by others.
Our spiritual life is an internal experience. It is a felt experience. Peace, Love, Compassion, Bliss, and Communion are some of the attributes or descriptors of the spiritual life that cannot be felt by our five senses. They do not show up in the outer material world. They cannot be seen and experienced by the five senses of others. And yet they are critical factors in creating a peaceful, happy life.

If we are ever to bring heaven to earth it seems to me that we must bring our spiritual life to the fore. We must make our spiritual life as real as our human life.

Bob is a seeker of truth that has been on his own spiritual journey for more than twenty five years. As a result of his passion for knowledge and understanding and his many years of service to a higher purpose (a higher purpose that he is just now starting to realize after 60 years of living on this planet) he is finally beginning to see how important it is to live a spiritual life first and foremost. For him this is the path to a happy life. To a better world for all.

The Two Faced Side Of Life