Special Event: January 14 @ 1:00 pm – Workshop: Awakening Peace Within

We all desire Peace, yet how do we find it and live it?  What is the true meaning of Peace?

Join Hannelore for this empowering workshop where you will be given tangible and easy steps to embody Peace within you.

Hannelore shares her own insightful experiences where she has been deeply touched by that Peace that surpasses all understanding. She will guide you in her passionate and joyous way to find the clearest route to uncover a purpose that will illuminate your path and give meaning to your life.

These valuable tools and techniques are sure to allow you to find that place within you where Peace resides.

Admission $20

Hannelore, M.S.C., M.S.H.

Hannelore is a published author, inspirational storyteller, motivational speaker, life coach and counselor.
She offers public and corporate workshops worldwide.

Through a series of profound synchronicities she embarked on her Spiritual path and created empowering programs such as the ‘Academy for Applied Intuitive Studies’, and facilitates retreats such as the ‘Communing with Dolphins’ retreats in playful union and respect with non-captive dolphins in Hawaii.

She invites you to reflect on the wisdom and insights that inspire you to be all that you are.

www.Hannelore.ca and www.CommuningWithDolphins.com

Workshop: Awakening Peace Within