Sunday Gathering – January 7, 2018
Annual White Stone Ceremony

This is your opportunity to join us for our annual White Stone Ceremony!

In Jesus’s day, when a person was released from prison, they were given a white stone to represent their new start. This sacred ceremony is meaningful for all as we set the tone for the start of a new year.

During the White Stone Ceremony, each of us will be guided into a meditation experience that will lead us into receiving a word or phrase symbolizing a new start for our new year.


We are invited to ask for guidance on what our word or words will be for the year that will represent our highest intention.  It may even be a name that we hear for this new spiritual identity. You will write the word (s) on your stone and take it home with you, so you can put it in a special place as a reminder every day to be that which you are guided to be.


Join us for this inspiring ceremony and open yourself up to living into this new vision fully!  The service will be facilitated by Alara Payten.


Annual White Stone Ceremony