Sunday Speaker – January 28, 2018
Katie Grinham
“The Abundance of Peace”

What if “Peace” is when our heart, our mind, and our body are in synch with the expression of our divine essence; when we are wholeheartedly doing what we feel is ours to do, big or small, with clarity, passion, presence, and gratitude? This feeling is not rare or random and we can create it as we more deeply know ourselves and consciously use the Law of Prosperity.

Katie is the President of the Board of Directors at Unity of Calgary, serves on the Spiritual Leadership Team, and is in training to be a Unity Minister. She is a Registered Massage Therapist specializing in Intuitive Craniosacral Therapy, an Inspirational Speaker, Teacher, and Certified Facilitator of the Demartini Method.

For over 22 years, Katie has assisted people in getting to the ‘heart or source’ of their physical, emotional and often spiritual issues through her practice, “New Light Wellness”

She uses a blend of techniques to release the ‘charge’ or pattern from the body and the mind, bringing profound shifts and relief. Katie believes that creating a strong connection to oneself and ‘that which created you’ is the key to well-being. She loves to share about this by offering individual sessions, and/or seminars.

The Abundance of Peace