Sunday Speaker – March 11, 2018
Claude Pellerin
“Understanding What Being Guided Means”

Are you aware of how often you are receiving guidance on your journey?

Claude will be talking about his personal experiences of ‘Being Guided’ and what being guided means to him. Sharing these personal life experiences will serve as an example for you to be guided in the review of your own life and to become aware of the many instances when you were guided to act in a certain way with your children, relatives, friends, co-workers or towards yourself.

Claude was prematurely born in 1944 and almost did not make it into this world. His mother passed away when he was 2 months old. From that point on, God connected the dots that set him on a path of ‘being of service’ to others. The biggest portion of his life has been a fifty+ year career in the construction industry managing men to whom he was an educator and a mentor, setting the energy of the projects he managed. His new focus as the founder of CPL Seminars, is his passion of being of service to others and to fulfill his purpose of teaching so the world benefits.

Claude Pellerin “Understanding What Being Guided Means”