Sunday Speaker – April 22, 2018
Ariana Rose Brackenbury
“Blessings Don’t Always Come in Pretty Packages”

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Often when we are going through a rough patch in life it is difficult to understand what the gift is. Yet there always is a gift. Throughout my life I have weathered many storms and each has made me stronger. In the moment of the storm, however it was sometimes difficult to process and to stay positive. It is when we have a strong community that we are able to find shoulders to lean on when the going is tough. Sometimes the greatest blessing is to know we are loved even when we are not perfect.

Sixteen years ago Ariana began a transformation journey following the unexpected death of her husband Vern. His death shook her world and Ariana found herself on a deep spiritual quest that was destined to completely shift who she believed she was and opened her to a path that at the time of his death would have seemed like a fantasy movie. No stranger to change Ariana found herself challenged to the core as she shifted from predominantly left brain careers as a librarian and computer programmer, to opening to the deeply creative and heart-centered side that had been put on the burner for so long.

Ariana is a facilitator, inspirational speaker and heart centered leader who is deeply dedicated to inspiring others to listen to the whispers of their heart and step more fully into what is calling. Her mission is to be a catalyst for changing the paradigms of money and aging that keep people from living the life of their dreams.

Ariana offers mentoring programs, abundance classes and spiritual Camino journeys to those who want to live a more fulfilling life.

Learn more by visiting her table at the back of the room.

You can reach Ariana at 403-608-4274 or online:

 Ariana Rose Brackenbury “Blessings Don’t Always Come in Pretty Packages”