Sunday Speaker – April 29, 2018
Susan Cullen
“The Blessing of Spiritual Awakening”

Each week we affirm the Unity Worldwide Ministries’ vision statement: “We envision a world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared spiritual awakening.” But just what the heck does “shared spiritual awakening” mean and what does it have to do with being blessed? Susan will explore the meaning of “spiritual awakening” and how we can each achieve it in our own lives and thereby become a blessing to ourselves, our family and friends and even to the world!

Susan Cullen is a Certified Life Coach with an ACC designation from the International Coach Federation. She coaches people who feel a calling to transform the world; to help them discover the clarity, capacity, and courage to be who they truly are, create their passions, and fulfill their heart’s desire. Her strong intuition, clarity, acceptance & holistic approach supports people to transform limiting beliefs, allowing them to awaken to new possibilities in their life. She has a particular passion for working with women & exploring the deep feminine principles. Clients appreciate her intelligence, positive approach & insight. Susan is a member of the Spiritual Leadership Team & is Past-President of the Unity of Calgary Board. Find out more about Susan at

Susan Cullen “The Blessing of Spiritual Awakening”