Sunday Speaker – April 8, 2018
Tina Thrussell
“It’s a Blessing!”

It’s easy to count our blessings when things are going our way… and a little more challenging when things aren’t going so well. Yet when we are in the space of true appreciation and gratitude for everything – just as it is – we can see that we are blessed beyond measure. Today Tina shares how recognizing the blessing of our bodies, minds and hearts can amplify the joy in our lives.

More than 20 years ago, Tina Thrussell’s search for the meaning of life and her place in the world drove her into an intense journey of exploration and learning. Her studies and experiences along the way helped her climb out of the pit of unconscious living (where she’d been wallowing in an attitude of victimhood and martyrdom) and into a proverbial meadow of awareness and light.

Excited about rising into this new place, she began to eagerly share all she’d learned about climbing out of that ugly pit. She established Best U Can B Inc, with her husband, Neil, and spent the next 13 years developing and facilitating personal growth seminars and workshops.

She relayed all that she’d learned to thousands of people at a variety of venues – conferences, schools, teacher’s conventions, non-profit organizations, corporations and retreats.

But somehow Tina wandered from the meadow of light into a forest of confusion. She spent quite a painful time in the dark forest of doubt before finding a new, spiritual path.

Today, she acknowledges – and is grateful for – every step of her intense journey that led her to the Shin Dao, the Way of the Heart. She is in a happy place of Loving who she is and what she does with her life. She feels truly on purpose as she creates inspiring experiences that amplify the joy in people’s lives.

Tina holds a beautiful vision of a world filled with compassionate, heart-based Shin Daoists who live joyful, passionate, fulfilling lives. And she prays that the members of her Unity family will come to consider themselves as Shin Daoists, too.

Learn more by visiting her table at the back of the room.

Tina Thrussell “It’s a Blessing!”