Sunday Speaker – May 6, 2018
Eileen Head
“Have Inspiring Relationships by using the Enneagram”

After the Sunday Gathering:  Friendship Potluck


What is one of the biggest challenges in our lives? It is being in a relationship that is unfulfilling, or even worse, causing conflict or stress. We can feel very powerless when we don’t know how to fix another. In many cases neither one of you knows how to resolve the issues, or even what the real issues are because they are buried in your subconscious.
Come and learn how the Enneagram can give you very specific information on how each personality thinks, feels, and reacts and how you can understand and love yourself to the depth of your being.

Eileen is an Enneagram Personality & Relationship Expert, Personality Pattern Coach, and Speaker. She is a bestselling author of “Why Can’t I Figure Us Out?”, where after divorce she figured out the couple dynamics of what happened in her relationship by understanding Enneagram personalities.
Eileen has been called the “Relationship Whisperer” as she assists people with the “Get Loved Relationship Online Program” to get the love you desire.  She also has a “Should I Stay or Go Program” and “The Singles Guide to Personality Matching Program” to give you insights into compatibility and which personality type will make you the happiest.

Eileen Head “Have Inspiring Relationships by using the Enneagram”