Sunday Speaker – June 24, 2018
Patty Shortreed
“True Confidence = Deep Self Acceptance”

There is a place where you know yourself, where you walk undefended and unafraid, where you connect with the benevolence of the Universe and all life.

In that place you are free to speak your truth, to stand for yourself and create the world of your choosing, a world that works for everyone.

True confidence comes from a deep sense of self-acceptance and presence. It arises when you awaken your true voice and restore the natural rhythm of your mind; when you awaken to the consciousness of who you really are and learn the skills of managing your thinking.

Patty is a coach and music teacher. She offers coaching and instruction in singing, giving presentations and living an empowered life. Her students increase their confidence and ability to easily communicate with authenticity and grace.

Patty’s passion is helping people realize their true spiritual nature.

Patty is also a member of the Unity Band.