Sunday Speaker – July 1, 2018
Trevor Uruski
“Infinite Creativity”

From the personal to the transcendent Trevor will take a very human, practical, and at times, high over arching view of the power and presence of the Infinite Creativity of the Divine in it’s unending self-expression. From personal anecdotes about his own life, to selections of his spiritual poetry, thoughts on his music, and excerpts from great spiritual masters he’s studied under, we’ll expand our minds together on the presence and role of Divine (infinite!) creativity in the fulfillment of the Self-realizing purpose of Life!

Trevor is a Didgeridoo performer, teacher and sound therapist, a light warrior in the financial industry, spiritual poet, friend and guide. He is a spiritual aspirant of several years now, sharing the fruits of his labor through music, presence, education, spoken word and sound. Trevor is a passionate seeker and collaborator for individual and social healing projects and spiritual awakening.