Sunday Speaker – July 29, 2018
Alara Payten
“Allowing our Creative Power to Flow”

Let’s explore the incredible power of our innate creativity through the lens of spiritual awakening and self-mastery.

What’s possible for humanity, and this planet, when our curious, creative, human minds surrender to the immense creative power of our Sacred Heart and Sacred Centre?

What’s possible when our incredible human intellect is co-creating through the lens of our True Divine Nature?

Alara Payten is a longtime member of our Unity of Calgary Spiritual Community. She currently serves on the Spiritual Leadership Team, the Unity Band, and as the Prayer Chaplain Trainer/Program Coordinator.

Alara’s quest for exploring the sacred was borne of a deep yearning for freedom from the bondage of struggle and suffering. Her life-path as a mystic has led her to actively pursue and allow an ever-deepening relationship with Spirit.
After a 24-year career as a Physical Therapist, it is now Alara’s delight to follow her calling as an Evolutionary Medicine Woman.

Her passion is creating sacred space for compassionate transformation and awakening for spiritually evolving women and men.