Sunday Speaker – July 8, 2018
Claude Pellerin
“Have I Lost My Imagination?”

Claude will tell stories about some adventures he experienced in his life that describe the absence and the presence of imagination. It will be interesting to discover that similar things happen to all of us. Claude will explain how imagination is a gift that we can all share with each other and benefit from. Let your imagination run wild and wonder, what can you possibly learn from this talk that you don’t already know? Be curious and adventurous. Come and join us as we let our imaginations blend.

Claude has been an active member of Unity of Calgary for over 3 years and has visited some Unity Churches in the United States. He is the president of the Board of Unity of Calgary. He presents workshops on Personal Empowerment for all ages and walks of life and he leads two different book study groups on the work of David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph. D.

He has been married twice, has three children, three step children, eleven grand children and two grand-grand children.

Life is good.