Sunday Speaker – August 5, 2018
Bob Elwood
“Feeling into Health”

Health is a vast subject with an infinite number of variables. At the same time, it can be seen in a simple, uncomplicated way. When we are in a relaxed, peaceful, calm state of mind we are existing in a state of health. When we are in a fearful, anxious, stressed state of mind we are existing in a state of dis-ease. The amount of time we spend in either state determines our overall state of health or dis-ease.

It is our thoughts and our feelings that determine which state of mind we are in at any given time. Because our thoughts have such a powerful influence on what we feel it can be said that it is our thoughts that determine our health. Luckily our thoughts are one of the few things that we are actually in control of (even though my thoughts seem to have a mind of their own much of the time). It is my belief that as we achieve a deeper and deeper understanding of the power that our thoughts and feelings have over our state of health, the more empowered we are to influence that state of health.

In this talk I will share a few simple ideas that can assist us in moving our thoughts and feelings in the direction of a healthier state of mind. I will talk about the fact that thoughts are just thoughts they are not the TRUTH. I will discuss the impact of our moods on the thoughts we think, and I will talk about the fact that we all have our own unique personal reality and how this impacts our relationships and how we relate to the world at large. Health is just a thought away for all of us.


Bob is a seeker of truth that has been on his own spiritual journey for more than twenty five years. As a result of his passion for knowledge and understanding and his many years of service to a higher purpose (a higher purpose that he is just now starting to realize after 60 years of living on this planet) he is finally beginning to see how important it is to live a spiritual life first and foremost. For him this is the path to a happy life. To a better world for all.