Sunday Speaker – September 16, 2018
Sean Patrick
“This Little Light of Mine: The power of the Small, Soft & Subtle”

So often we are told to ‘play big’, and ‘stand out’, and though these things can be wonderful we have become obsessed with being seen and have neglected to embrace the power of the small and subtle actions that make big changes in the world. It’s time to cultivate our introverted side and allow ourselves to soften into what God has planned for us.

Sean Patrick is a British author, journalist and inspirational speaker who specializes in the fields of spirituality, wellbeing and mental health. Sean’s work combines modern day pop-culture with ancient spiritual wisdom and he has become known for his ability to translate spiritual principles into digestible practices that people can understand. He has been featured as a specialist on BBC World News and has contributed towards articles for every major news publication in the UK. In 2016 he became certified by the British Psychological Society for his research in the field of spiritual and emotional intelligence and that same year his debut book That Guy Who Loves The Universe became an Amazon bestseller.