Sunday Speaker – September 9, 2018
Christy Snow
“Bold and Beautiful YOU!”

Our word engages the law of mind action which delivers to us without exception the predominant nature of our thoughts and feelings. We are called to shine God’s light in the world and to do that, we have the opportunity to step into our power, to be bold, brave and fearless. Rev. Christy will share tools for practically applying this powerful approach to life along with real-life stories of faith in action derived from living boldly and shining brightly. We are here to shine and not hide, we are here to love and not fear, create and not destroy. The more we embody our co-creative nature, the more we enrich our own lives and create a world that works for everyone.

Rev. Christy Snow is an ordained Science of Mind minister from North Carolina and a professional musician, teacher and life coach. As a powerful speaker, she has delivered keynote addresses, workshops and retreats for New Thought conferences, interfaith events, pride events, churches, schools and universities across the country and in Canada since 2000. She served as co-pastor of the Spiritual Living Center of Charlotte for ten years. Rev. Christy Snow is also a professional musician with over 25 years experience in sharing her music with the world. She is an accomplished singer/songwriter and performer with 13 CDs to her credit and worldwide distribution and airplay of her music. She has served on the music team for the Asilomar Conference, The Eastern Conference of Religious Science, The Circle of Love Gathering and other New Thought events since 2001.