Sunday Speaker – October 14, 2018
Rev. Doug Craig
“Gratitude, Thanksgiving and Blessing”

Focusing on what we have and being grateful for it helps us elevate our consciousness. Our journey is about what we can have and what we can do and what we are all about. Envy of others, or focus on what we feel we can’t have or what we can’t do or what we are not, is a losing proposition.

We will explore the key components of gratitude, blessing and thanksgiving in the aforementioned context. The concept of Prosperity has very little to do with money. Money is only one aspect of how prosperity manifests in your life. Also, we must learn to deal with the thoughts, words, and actions that crumble and destroy ones first pillar of “PROSPERITY”.

This talk is the first in a series of three talks focusing on Prosperity that Doug will be presenting in October, November and January.




Rev Doug was the founding minister of the Red Deer Centre for Spiritual Living and served as its pastor for 8 years. He is currently guest speaking in two churches on a regular basis. (Unity of Calgary & the Red Deer Centre for Spiritual Living). Doug’s extended ministry involves the various services he provides such as guest speaking, weddings, memorials, counselling & self-development classes. In addition he is a professional Santa Claus and does custom tour guiding in the Canadian Rockies.

His personal motto is “If you change your attitude you change your experience.” His primary message is, “Attitude + Choice = Consequence.”