Sunday Speaker – October 21, 2018
Bonnie Dean
“The Unexpected Outcome”

There are moments in everyone’s life that are pivotal; that have the power to inspire one to re-evaluate and look at life from an entirely different perspective. In April of 2011, Bonnie experienced one such moment that took her breath and knocked her into a flurry of uncertainty when she heard the words from her family doctor: “You have cancer.” “Was I going to die?”, “Would I have to endure the debilitating effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and the other allopathic treatments?”, “Was the possibility of having children gone?” and “Would I lose my breasts and all of my hair?” These were all questions whirling through her mind as the news of this diagnosis began to set-in.

What Bonnie didn’t realize at the time was what a profoundly prosperous journey this would be in every possible way! This experience opened her mind and heart to a whole new world of plant and energy medicine which ignited a life-altering journey that included detoxing and rebuilding her body, clearing and settling her mind, as well as reconnecting with her inner guide and spirit. More than seven years later, Bonnie is living life on purpose and leveraging what she has learned to serve others through offering conscious music, leading sacred ceremonies, and sharing her insights through writing.