Sunday Speaker – October 7, 2018
Spiritual Leadership Team
“Thanksgiving and Gratitude”

Join us on Thanksgiving morning as Unity’s Spiritual Leadership Team guides us through the “Table of Gratitude” ceremony.

Come and share what you are grateful for in your life!

It’s easy to be grateful for the experiences that we deem as ‘good’, but what about the experiences we think of as ‘bad’. So often people and events show up in our lives that we did not want or ask for, and yet, here they are, showing up in our lives.

Susan Cullen, a member of Unity’s SLT, will share her thoughts on handing unexpected and unwanted events in our lives. Often these unwanted events turn out to be our greatest teachers and our most cherished learnings.

Susan Cullen, Katie Grinham, Alara Payten and Rev. Pat Ball are Unity of Calgary’s Spiritual Leadership Team.

We are so grateful that our Mentor Minister, Rev. Pat Ball, will be returning to Unity of Calgary in November.

We are also grateful for all the community members, the Board of Directors and all those who help to make Unity of Calgary a vibrant and welcoming spiritual community!