Sunday Speaker – November 18, 2018
Felicia Searcy
“You Were Meant for More”

Have you wondered how successful people sustain results? Do you know for sure that your dream is right for you? Felicia will teach you the blueprint to discovering and deciding for your dream along with simple thinking strategies that will guard you against fear, doubt, and worry. You will be able to dissolve resistance to success and create results that you love!

Rev. Felicia is an award-winning transformational coach, professional speaker, author and minister. Through her proven success formula, she has helped thousands of people around the world create lives that they love as they grow their work both in impact and income, write the books they dreamed about, discover their soulmates and live bigger bolder lives.

As a student of the spiritual side of success for over 30 years, Felicia has consistently demonstrated what she teaches during her 15-year tenure as the minister of her church in Tennessee, as she wrote her book, published by Unity House and as she continues to build her successful international speaking and coaching business She shares the stage with such powerhouse experts like Mary Morrissey and Les Brown.

She is here to help you realize that as a divine expression of Spirit, you are meant for so much more!