Sunday Speaker – November 25, 2018
Rev. Hannelore
“Your Soul’s Whispers: A Journey into Gratitude”

Is there a knowing deep inside that desires to be expressed? Despite the many challenges and fears, are you willing to surrender and bring forth and give life to what is within you?

Your Soul whispers your awakening from this world of illusion and urges you to recognize that gratitude is the foundation for a loving, joy filled and successful life.

Hannelore delights in offering you the insights and wisdom to listen to and distinguish the Whispers of your Soul. You may hear it as whispers of inspiration or feel it as glimpses of gratitude in your heart.

Hannelore is a published author, inspirational story- teller, international speaker, life coach and counsellor. She offers public and corporate workshops worldwide.

Through a series of profound synchronicities she embarked on her Spiritual path and created empowering programs such as the ‘Academy for Applied Intuitive Studies’ and ‘Mirrors of Relationships’.

She also facilitates retreats such as ‘Communing with Dolphins’ in playful union with non-captive dolphins in Hawaii.

Her book, now a trilogy, is called “Your Souls Whispers, A Journey of Awakening” and is currently in the hands of a publisher.

She invites you to reflect on the wisdom and insights that inspire you to be all that you are.