Sunday Speaker – December 30, 2018
Rev. Pat Ball
Burning Bowl and Letter to God Ceremony

This dual ceremony is meaningful as we close out 2018 and prepare for the start of a new year. This is your opportunity to let go of anything that burdens your heart and declare the truth of what you deeply desire to be your experience in 2019.

It is also a time to forgive yourself, and others, in exchange for inner peace. What a blessing to give to yourself! We begin with the burning bowl ceremony where we put our list of things we’re ready to let go into the fire. Through this purification process you can release unwanted and limiting patterns such as fear, guilt and resentment, thereby creating space for the new blessings that you call forth as the co-creator of your life.

Following the Burning Bowl Ceremony, you will write your “Letter to God”. You can identify, give thanks for and declare the truth of, what you deeply desire to be your experience in 2019. We welcome you to end the old year, and start the New Year with this freeing and moving experience in evolving consciousness.

Join us for this inspiring ceremony and open the channels to living out loud as your ‘I AM Presence’ fully expressed! Rev. Pat Ball, a member of Unity of Calgary’s Spiritual Leadership Team, will lead this dual ceremony.