Sunday Speaker – March 24, 2019
Cecil Wontner
“Our Spiritual Fulcrum”

As we think on our March Theme, I am open to a deeper understanding of Spirit within all people. We are one. The realization that change brought by walls, laws, force is not a panacea for the discords of humanity. We cannot crush oppressors. These facts prompt us to find a new direction. That direction is found in Unity’s five basic principles. These principles can be compared to Spiritual Fulcrum. As we remember from school, a fulcrum is a point of support around which a lever can move to lift. It can be also thought of, as a means of influencing an outcome. We can add to that a scale. A scale that indicates where we are as the spiritual fulcrum moves us ever upward.


After forty – seven wonderful years of marriage, my wife, Eva, made her transition in October 2017. I found Unity in December 2017 and have read, studied, and attended services at Unity of Calgary. Unity has become the most important element in my life today. I have had varied work experience as meat cutter, in farm equipment, road construction, oil patch, and in education (I have taught from Kindergarten to graduate school U of C). In fact, my life experiences prepared me for teaching. I have a R.I.A, B.A. (U of A), Bachelor of Education (U of C), Diploma of the Faculty of Education (U of C), and a Master of Science Degree (U of C). I retired in 1996.