Sunday Speaker – April 14, 2019
Bob Ellwood
“From Survival to Creation”

When we are in survival mode our pre-frontal lobe (the creative, conscious part of our brain) shuts down. Our bodies natural homeostasis (balance) is knocked OUT of balance and our primitive instinctual brain hijacks the body in preparation for fight, flight, or freeze. This is not a time for creation. this is not a time for intuitive insights. This is not a time for logic or reason. This is not a time to dream about our future. This is a time to survive.

Unfortunately, we can trigger the fight or flight response (the sympathetic nervous system) simply by thought alone. We humans are the only species on the planet that can do this. Are we not special? By becoming aware of how and what we think we can calm the mind and reengage our creative pre-frontal cortex and once again begin to create the future we want. We can do this. We are enough. Shall we?


Bob is a seeker of truth that has been on his own spiritual journey for more than twenty five years. As a result of his passion for knowledge and understanding and his many years of service to a higher purpose (a higher purpose that he is just now starting to realize after 60 years of living on this planet) he is finally beginning to see how important it is to live a spiritual life first and foremost. For him this is the path to a happy life. To a better world for all.