Sunday Speaker – April 21, 2019
Easter Sunday – Rev. Doug Craig
“The Metaphysical Easter Story”

The Easter story is about the letting go of the old and the celebration of the rebirth and renewal of ones experience as well as the process of transformation. Our Easter Sunday traditional flower ceremony mirrors the elements of the Easter story. In the ceremony, the tulip represents Spring and the new growth that is to come from the spiritual work we have done. The crucifixion represents the seven steps in transforming our awareness from the material to the spiritual as signified by the seven comments Jesus made on the cross. The tomb and the resurrection are symbolic of the nature of change, or experience, or transformation and what happens during this process—-from the womb to the tomb to the rebirth.

Rev. Doug was the founding minister of the Red Deer Centre for Spiritual Living and served as its pastor for 8 years. He is currently guest speaking in two churches on a regular basis. (Unity of Calgary & the Red Deer Centre for Spiritual Living). Doug’s extended ministry involves the various services he provides such as guest speaking, weddings, memorials, counselling & self-development classes. In addition, he is a professional Santa Claus and does custom tour guiding in the Canadian Rockies.

His personal motto is “If you change your attitude, you change your experience.”

His primary message is:
“Attitude + Choice = Consequence.”