Sunday Speaker – June 02, 2019
Jacqueline Goudreau
“Release your inner Hero: Living the Q Process”

We can’t help but project our shadow beliefs out and onto others. In equal measure we project OUT and onto others, our “BRILLIANCE”. It’s the good news and the bad news. Very often we do not claim the Highest of our heroic nature (our Q qualities). Surprisingly, it is only revealed when we dare to glimpse and fill up our most pervasive early voids. The insights of this profound sense of “what’s missing” is the key to our emerging everyday Hero. We receive the gifts of understanding and gratitude for our day to day discontents when we come to know that they are the sole-soul making of our genius. Just when you thought you were spiritually mature, along comes the Q Process.

Jacqueline Goudreau, known as JacKey G, dedicates her time to bringing people tools to live their best life. As a Q coach she shares her strengths in Human Behaviour and Values Clarification. With a unique 30+ years of teaching and taking risks, she leads from real life. She loves her passion projects of Tango, Travel and Tiny Homes. She and her partner, Paul, together with her step-daughters, have created a couple and family-centric lifestyle. They have a compelling life-work balance that would tempt anyone wanting to live life on their terms.


Her talk is going to be followed by a workshop “Q-Process” on June 8.