Sunday Speaker – June 16, 2019
Doug Warren
“Parenting: the Ultimate Privilege”

Come and celebrate Fathers Day. Share the joy and honour of parenthood. Let’s explore the many faces of the child and parent dynamic. Whether you are currently raising your children, remembering bygone days of children close at hand, or nurturing your own inner child; you have survived to smile another day. All too often we rush past the simple beauty of the trees, while in search of the forest. On rare occasion we have the chance to slow down and to honour the treasure of unconditional love, tenderly reflected in an infant’s eyes. We all carry that love within, for we have all been the infant. The laughter of children is the music of the soul, in its purest form. Some say you can hear that music echoing, in all words of kindness, wherever they are spoken; and what is an echo after all, but our own reflection.

Doug has been attending Unity of Calgary for eight years. During that time, he has experienced tremendous personal growth; migrating from the pews at the back of the church, to volunteering as the sound technician, to joining the band on stage, often lending his voice and his trademark “chill enthusiasm” to the Sunday celebrations. Throughout that journey of inspiration, he has composed and performed many heartfelt songs; sharing through his music, the insights he has gained at Unity. Doug was elected to the Board of Directors in 2017, and is expanding his leadership skills as Vice President of the Board.