Talks from 2018

Tina Thrussell - It's a blessing

Talk from April 8, 2018 - It’s easy to count our blessings when things are going our way… and a little more challenging when things aren’t going so well. Yet when we are in the space of true appreciation and gratitude for everything - just as it is – we can see that we are blessed beyond measure. Today Tina shares how recognizing the blessing of our bodies, minds and hearts can amplify the joy in our lives.

Meditation from this Sunday Gathering by Tina Thrussell

Janice Butler - The Blessing Of Easter - Flower Ceremony

Talk from April 1, 2018 - Easter is renewal; refreshing and strengthening our willingness to live from Spirit. It is crossing out our limited thinking and surrendering deeper into our own loving and enduring Christ Consciousness. Join us this Easter Sunday as we explore our Christ nature and share in Unity’s moving and profound Flower Ceremony.

Meditation from this Sunday Gathering by Janice Butler

Alara Payten - Optimize Your Divine Guidance System (DGS)

Talk from March 25, 2018 - Optimize Your Divine Guidance System The question is, "How do we actually do that?" What if our physical, emotional, mental and energetic body houses a living antenna system, an internal Divine Guidance System that can be developed and optimized? This system allows us to access both our superconscious and subconscious to empower our moment-by-moment conscious choice-making abilities. It expands our ability to live, out loud, as actualizations of Divine Love, Wisdom, Power, Peace, and Compassion on this planet. This ongoing process is our doorway to the sacred evolution of our personal and collective SELF. It's a part of the 'how' of becoming that which we are seeking in the world outside of self.

Meditation from this Sunday Gathering by Alara

Neil Thrussell - Love Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Talk from February 25, 2018 - Love, it builds us up. It tears us down. Love opens us up or shuts us down! We crave it, we need it and we want it. Yet, many of us don’t really know how to love ourselves or another. Come and experience Neil’s thoughts on love!

Meditation from this Sunday Gathering by Alara Payten

John Springer - Experiencing The I Am

Talk from February 11, 2018 - Have you ever felt that breaking free of suffering and experiencing the Oneness often spoken of is a challenge? Join life teacher, healer, author and Billboard-charting singer, John Stringer, for a message to remind you of your oneness, perfection and power and equip you with a simple practice that assists you in experiencing more bliss on your journey.

Meditation by John Stringer from the Spiritual Gathering

Katie Grinham - The Abundance Of Peace

Talk from January 28th, 2018 - What if “Peace” is when our heart, our mind, and our body are in synch with the expression of our divine essence; when we are wholeheartedly doing what we feel is ours to do, big or small, with clarity, passion, presence, and gratitude? This feeling is not rare or random and we can create it as we more deeply know ourselves and consciously use the Law of Prosperity.

Meditation from this Sunday Gathering by Katie Grinham

Talks from 2017

Bob Ellwood - The Two-Faced Side of Life

Talk from December 17th, 2017 - We are all living two lives simultaneously. Our human life and our spiritual life. It seems to me that most people honour their human life more than their spiritual one. Why is that? I believe it is because our human life seems more real because we can experience it through our five senses. It is our human life that shows up in this material world. It is our human life that is seen and experienced by others. Our spiritual life is an internal experience. It is a felt experience. Peace, Love, Compassion, Bliss, and Communion are some of the attributes or descriptors of the spiritual life that cannot be felt by our five senses. They do not show up in the outer material world. They cannot be seen and experienced by the five senses of others. And yet they are critical factors in creating a peaceful, happy life. If we are ever to bring heaven to earth it seems to me that we must bring our spiritual life to the fore. We must make our spiritual life, as real as, our human life.

Meditation from this Sunday Gathering by Bob Ellwood

Alara Payten - Daring to Be the Light Expressed

Talk from December 10th, 2017 - On the spiritual path, we are called to be a Light unto this world. We are called to shine forth our Divine Radiance. Join Alara Payten in this exploration of what those words mean through the lens of 21st century Unity metaphysics.

Patti Shortreed - Letting Go: The Ultimate Act of Expansion

Talk from November 26th, 2017 - Patti will share ideas and experiences on her own path of letting go. We cling to our ideas, possessions, judgments, and opinions. We live confined in a small, safe identity. We resist letting go out of fear of losing something when what we’ve really lost is our faith in God. What if letting go was really the ultimate act of expansion, about embracing a greater truth of who you really are? Like the man on the flying trapeze, you must first let go in order to reach out for the new and bigger idea of who you already are.

Reverend Doug Craig - I Release And I Let Go

Talk from November 19th, 2017 - One of the key elements in our journey "As taught by the mystics and masters of the ages" is the importance of letting go of the past---physically, mentally and emotionally. This includes our physical bodies and our body and our world of affairs. Today’s lesson is an opportunity to expand our awareness thus enabling us to make new choices and move forward from that "stuck" feeling. Remember, "stuck" is a choice. This is a very poignant talk as at the end Doug shares his process around the recent murder of his brother.

Susan Cullen - Anatomy of a Mistake

Talk from November 12th, 2017 - When we make a mistake, we often judge and harshly criticize ourselves, leaving us feeling dis-empowered and out of control. But, what if the idea of making a mistake is just an illusion and not real? Susan takes a closer look at the anatomy of a mistake and what happens when we see through the illusion and stay in love, no matter what.

Neil Thrussell - Time: The Ultimate Teacher

Talk from September 24 2017 -Time is one of life’s most precious commodities, yet many people waste it. Enrich your life. Embrace the concept of time fully and live in the Here and Now! Learn more about our ability to be conscious and create the reality we truly desire - by living present to the here and now, that is how you ‘walk your talk’ and enrich your life!

Tina Thrussell - Honouring The Sacred

Talk from September 10, 2017 - What is ‘Sacred’? How do you ‘Honour the Sacred’ and why would you want to? Discover how to deepen your experience of life and feel more connected to God and your spiritual nature through this practice of ‘Honouring the Sacred’. You, your body, animals, trees, plants - in fact, ALL, living things - are sacred. Remembering this sacredness reminds us to be Conscious of how we treat ourselves, our bodies and all life on this planet. Treating everything as Sacred, honours the spirit of God within every living being and creates a kinder, more peaceful world.

Reverend Doug Craig - What Is To Become of Me As Time Passes

Talk from September 3, 2017 - I know that Divine right action takes place in my life and there is a gradual, orderly, sequential, unfoldment into form of the highest and best that I am". As we journey through life and have a deeper look at change, we find that there is order in how events come into form. We cannot stop or even impede the process. Our best bet, is to understand it and work in harmony with it. A novel idea, not so, but one that is well worth visiting because what we evolve into, will be what we hold inside and/or what we choose to focus on and hold inside. The natural order of life evolving into form. Our gift is our ability to be able to make adjustments spiritually with our power of modifying thoughts, words, and actions. Also, to remember that we cannot change the process itself we can only control and change the raw materials we feed into the process.

Susan Cullen - Love, it's more than a feeling

Talk from February 26 2017 - Love is one of the twelve powers identified by Unity founder Charles Fillmore. We all know about love as a feeling, but what if ‘love’ is also a state of being? Susan will explore the idea of ‘love’ in this larger sense. Every Sunday, we affirm our Statement of being: “We are here as Love to celebrate the one presence in our lives, in this community and in the Universe”, but what does this really mean and how can we activate this power in our daily lives?

Hannelore - Awakening Peace Within

Talk from January 14, 2017 - We all desire Peace, yet how do we find it and live it? What is the true meaning of Peace? Our lives are filled with challenges and our faith is often tested. When we really go ‘within’, we may realize in our hearts there is something missing.